The brief for this project was tough: Stand out during the Grammys, without being apart of the actual Grammys. 

So we decided to do something that had never been done before. We created a 4 minute music video, LIVE during a commercial break. And not only was the performance live on TV it was also live on social with influencers Periscoping and Snapchatting the entire time. 

The response was huge. Not only did we completely overshadow all other advertisers, Gwen Stefani became a global social trend for the entire night. The spot was talked about on Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Secrest, Wendy Williams, and thousands of other press outlets. In total we grabbed 3 Billion total impressions (triple what Target projected) and the video has been viewed over 11 Million times since it aired. 

We were also awarded with: 4 Cannes Lions (Silver - Entertainment, Bronze - Entertainment Music, Cannes Lion - Bronze - Film Craft, Cannes Lion - Bronze - Media)  + 2 AICP Awards  (Best Production & Best Agency Art Direction)

Below is the case study and official music video. Below that is the "Behind the Scenes" - Enjoy!