Here was the challenge: Get incoming college freshman excited about putting together a dorm room that is both stylish and functional AND convince them that everything the need to do this, is at Target.

The first thing we did is find out who these teens are listening to, and what social channels they are already on. The answer was YouTube. Apparently, if you ask a 19 year old what celebrities they like, they will name off 4 or 5 Youtubers. That's right, not Jennifer Lawrence or Channing Tatum, YouTubers. 

So here's what we did. We worked with three social influencers that already had a big following amongst our target audience. Their channels covered all the topics we wanted to cover: room decor, product recommendations, and DIYs. We then collaborated with them and created a series of videos that featured Target products. Each video was meant to feel as authentic as possible,  so we had them style their own sets and pick out their own products.